Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visits Gallery 11/07/95

019A4161HRH The Princess Royal and British Ambassador HE Edward Ferguson marked the launch of the School of Knowledge’s education pack project, entitled “Srebrenica – Mapping Genocide, and Post-Genocide Society“ in the Sarajevo Gallery 11/07/95.

Tarik Samarah, founder of the memorial Gallery 11/07/95, presented the Gallery’s exhibition to the Princess, saying: “On the eve of tomorrow’s anniversary, it is hard to find the words that could comfort those who are going to bury their loved ones, but the least we can do is to learn from what had happened in Srebrenica, and pass that knowledge to future generations.“ The Princess Royal viewed the exhibited photos and watched the documentary animation of the education pack covering the chronology of the events in Srebrenica in July 1995.

The only good that can come from an event like Srebrenica is if we learn lessons from it to ensure that nothing like it ever happens again, in Bosnia and Herzegovina or anywhere else. We hope that this accessible and carefully-researched educational module will be a valuable tool to future generations seeking to understand what happened, and how it happened, and that through improved understanding, awareness and recognition we may be better able to prevent similar atrocities in future,” said British Ambassador Ferguson.

Dr Janja Beč-Neumann, Dr Branka Prpa, Dr Edina Bećirević, Jean Rene Ruez, Hasan Nuhanović, Dr Yair Auron, and Florence Hartmann were among the prominent speakers who delivered the public lectures, while video lectures were prepared by renowned lecturers Dr Robert Donia, Richard Goldstone, Sonja Biserko, Dr Dubravka Stojanović, and Dr Daniel Feirstein.